Rock’n Deli was founded in 1992. With their unparalleled service and unique atmosphere Rock N' Deli has become one of Canada's most go-to spots for smoked meat.
Rock'N Deli - Montreal Smoked Meat
Jun 1, 2021


Rock N' Deli is quickly becoming one of the top smoked meat deli franchises in Canada, and was in an immediate need of rebranding, starting with their social media presence.


  1. Vibrant photos that will attract a younger crowd
  2. Tik Tock style videos
  3. Revamping their social media branding
  4. Building their own marketing channel
  5. Increase their google reviews

Big Moe's Solution

  1. Created a vibrate mood board that matched Rock N' Deli's vision for the brand
  2. Hired a food stylist that matched what we created in the mood board
  3. Hired top photographers and videographers to bring the idea to life
  4. Planned their entire month social media calendar with captions in english and french
  5. Promoted their new look and brand with local influencers
  6. Build an customized sms marketing campaign to increase their google review from under 4 stars to over 4 stars review

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