On June 15, 2015, Blackhawks wins 2-0 against the Tampa Bay Lightning. This would be Corey Crawford's second Stanley Cup.
Corey Crawford
Jul 25, 2015


Corey Crawford had less than 2 weeks to plan his 24 hour full day event with the Stanley Cup. Learning from his last experience winning the Stanley Cup Corey needed to find a very private venue and make sure this event was only for his friends and family and not to turn into be a public event.


  1. Exclusive venue needed 2 separate rooms (one for dinning one for partying)
  2. Highly skilled DJ that is able to play all different genres of music, on demand
  3. Personalized dinner menu
  4. 300 person capacity for supper and party
  5. Required transportation for all his friends and family to avoid any drinking and driving incidents
  6. A lot, a lot, a lot of champagne!

Big Moe's Solution

  1. Looked for a top
  2. Hired the most famous DJ in Montreal
  3. Catering from 5 star chefs
  4. Venue had 500 person capacity
  5. Arranged buses and limos.
  6. Hired extra security.

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