Top 9 Event Caterers in Montreal


ooking for the best known event caterers in Montreal? Don’t you worry! We’ve got you covered. Although there are dozens of incredible caterers in the city, these are the top 7 the city has to offer! Whether you’re looking for traditional catering, buffet style catering, something wonderfully unique, here are the catering companies you need to check out for your special day.

1. Société Traiteur

Société Traiteur is to-die-for! They pride themselves in creating experiences. It’s not just about the food. They use their artistic and culinary skills to create one of the best experiences your guests would have ever had.

Have a specific vision for your special day? They’ll use their gastronomical expertise to take notes and recreate everything you’ve ever wanted, but with food! From canapés, to hors d’oeuvres, to main meals, Société Traiteur has got your pallette covered.

Not only does the city’s top caterer provide you with food you’ll be dreaming about for a long while after your special day, but they are also committed to sustainability and will do their absolute best to also help save the environment while making your day as magical as can be.

2. Traiteur Brera

Want the food for your special day to be Instagram worthy? Traiteur Brera is sure to get you there with their gorgeous presentations. You’d be impressed with the number of prestigious events this Montreal event caterer is a part of & that’s not by chance! Their food tastes as good as it looks. Whether you’re looking for exquisite bouchées for the Bride & Groom’s homes before the ceremony – or even for the cocktail hour – you’re guaranteed to get more than you bargained for. The same goes for the main meal. Regardless of why you’re hiring a caterer for your event, they’ve got you covered

Not only is the food to die for, but the entire Brera team is friendly and approachable, you’ll feel like they’re also part of the family. As the team says, they were “created to fill the gap between traditional and current trends in the Montreal Event Catering Industry” and they have definitely gone above and beyond in exceeding their clientele’s expectations.

3. Ristorante Beatrice Catering

Catering for some of the most Montrealers for over 20 years, Ristorante Beatrice is proud of its upscale food and service. And, not to worry, no matter what you ask of them, you’ll get some Instagram-worthy, yet oh-so-delicious meals! Beatrice’s team provides exceptional service and their plates always have a fun and creative twist. What else is to be expected when some of their clients (not to name drop or anything) are Louis Vuitton, Jaguar Canada and many more!

Ristorante Beatrice’s team prides itself in creating unique dishes and experience for each and every one of its guests. The believe they are “the ultimate partner when it comes to celebrating life’s greatest moments.” And we couldn’t agree more. Why not hire this incredible team for your event? Whether your party is big or rather intimate, Ristorante Beatrice might just be the Montreal event caterer for you!

4. PMG Group Catering

The PMG Group has been catering for large scale events for over 30 years, so it comes to no surprise that they know exactly what they’re doing. PMG offers a completely personalized service to ensure yourself, as well as your guests, have the most incredible time. You can hire this gourmet catering service for a host of different scenarios, including cocktails or a 4-course meal!

This Montreal event caterer also offers breakfast catering. So, if you plan on having your event ceremony a little later, but want to begin celebrating with the event party in the morning, PMG’s catering division is the way to go. Or, is your event reception outdoors on a beautiful golf course? They also offer catering on wheels – perfect for a sunset cocktail hour!

Not only does the PMG group have over 10 venues under their brand, but they can also cater to your event beyond these venues. However, there’s nothing better than a one-stop-shop & having catering and the venue all in the same place. It’ll allow your event planning process to go even smoother!

5. Groupe Madison Catering

Here’s another one of Montreal’s big players when it comes to event catering and venues! Similar to the PMG Group, Groupe Madison owns of host of gorgeous venues, and provides a top of the line catering service.

Groupe Madison Catering cheese and cracker spread
Source: Groupe Madison

Groupe Madison specializes in traditional Italian dishes, but isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves to make your special day one to remember. Have specific requests? They’ll take care of it. Have rather difficult-to-please guests, this event caterer prides itself in leaving these guests in awe. Guests are sure to be impressed by their professional service. If you’re looking for a caterer to set up a traditional international buffet or an extensive sweet table, they’re the way to go!

6. Traiteur Bon Appétit

With over 20 years of experience and a team of over 100 employees, Traiteur Bon Appétit has certainly found the recipe for providing remarkably mouth-watering catering services. As one of the most prestigious event caterers in Montreal, Bon Appétit has found a way to offer you almost anything you’d like. Would you like a cocktail hour or midnight table with a variety of stations? They’ve got it! They’re known for their pasta station, seafood stations, beautiful cheese platters and more.

Orecchietti rapini and sausage by traiteur Bon Appétit
Source: Traiteur Bon Appétit

This catering service is sure to make your event one to remember. Having worked on a variety of events, such as corporate dinners, galas, dinner shows, etc. they know just how to please their crowds. They understand that your event is very important, so they’ll work hand in hand with you to find the perfect gastronomical experience your guests will be raving about! Traiteur Bon Appétit will help you pick out the right menu, the desired table settings, and ensure every guest is pleased with their unique service.


7. Olive Orange

Here’s another Instagram worthy caterer! Olive Orange is one of the top caterers in Montreal, so why not hire them for your event? Event catering doesn’t come easy to anyone, but these guys seem to make it look like a piece of cake! Olive Orange prides itself in providing guests with classic dishes with a unique twist. Want to have yummy ravioli hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour? This Montreal caterer can put together beautifully pink beetroot ravioli for your guests to devour!

Your guests are sure to love the food this incredible team cooks for them, but what about the drinks? Olive Orange also provides a bar service if need be. They may not have venues like some of their contenders on this list, but talk about a one-stop-shop when it comes to food and beverage event caterers!

8. Robert Alexis

It’s incredible what kind of high end event catering services can be found in Montreal. Here’s another long-time player: Robert Alexis (going on 40 years now). This catering service started from a tiny family affair and has grown so much since. Their catering services are available to the Montreal and its surroundings, including: Laval, the South Shore, the North Shore, the Eastern Townships, the Laurentides and Lanaudière.

Their entire service is personalized to your needs and wants, and their staff is sure to take care of your guests’ unique desires throughout your special day. They know that putting together a gorgeous and special day is a big deal, so they’re here to help you make it the best it can possibly be – from gourmet food to a warm and inviting ambiance!

9. Vert la Bouche

Last, but not least, Vert la Bouche is one of Montreal’s event caterers that cannot go unnoticed! This modern vegetarian and vegan catering service is ideal for the needs of many couples these days. As plant-based diets are beginning to grow in popularity, Vert la Bouche has certainly made a name for itself. They’re one of the only plant-based event catering services in Montreal, if not the only one!

Vegan caterer main meal with carrots and oranges
Source: Vert la Bouche

Vert la Bouche “ensures that the tone of the menu matches perfectly with the theme of your event” and will do so with a vegetarian or vegan menu. Have guests that aren’t fully sold on plant-based diets? Doesn’t matter. They’ll love every bit they take.