5 Advantages to Having a Winter Wedding


orget about summer weddings. Winter Weddings are where it’s at! Sure, summer weddings are great, but think about all that heat and potential for unwanted weather! What about wedding season saturation? If everyone gets married in the summer, there’s a higher chance of RSVPs coming in with a ‘no’. Take a look at the top 5 reasons for having winter wedding.

newlywed photo ops in winter forest setting

Winter Weddings Mean Lower Stress Levels

You’ve been dreaming of your special day for as long as you can remember and it’s finally here! Prince charming asked you to be his forever girl. It’s time to plan that dream wedding. Of course, you’ll want it to be perfect, just like you imagined. However, that alone can put so much pressure on you. But, guess what? There’s no such thing as a ‘perfect’ venue. It can only be perfect to you!

The weather alone can lower your stress levels. Huh? A ‘cold’, winter wedding can lower my stress levels? That’s right! No need to think about the cocktail hour being outdoors – or even your entire reception – and wondering whether or not you’ll need to rent a tent. What if it rains? You might rent out a tent, regardless of whether your wedding is in the spring, summer or fall if it’s held outdoors. Plus, additional costs are associated with this! Will you need to cool or heat up the tent? That’s more equipment you’ll need to rent.

With a winter wedding, you’re sure to have everything indoors and no need to go back in forth making a decision about that tent. Plus, there are many other elements that will lower your stress levels, such as better rates and better dates.

Slow Season Means Better Rates & Dates

Winter is slow seasons for all venues and vendors, which allows them to give you a better rate. They’ll take business if they can have it, right? Vendors have fewer events to attend to so they typically provide discounts during this time of year. Given their increased free time, they have less events and brides to cater to and can focus a lot more attention on your special day.

winter white flowers frozen in ice

The same goes for venues. Planning for your wedding to be during slow season means that venues have a lot more availabilities. That dream venue you always wanted to celebrate your wedding is likely going to be free for your day!

Both venues and vendors have a lot more time to focus on your day, which, in turn, allows your stress levels to lower. No need to constantly give them calls to ensure everything is going according to plan. They likely have everything under control and are exceeding your expectations!

A Winter Wedding Means Gorgeous Décor Everywhere

When getting married in the summer, spring or fall, you always have to consider what your chosen location looks like and whether or not you’ll need to add décor to give it that look you’d love. The same goes for your wedding pictures. You absolutely need to find the cutest park or street near the reception or ceremony location to ensure those pictures come out beautifully. No need to worry about that for a winter wedding.

Getting married in the winter is incredible. The simplest street or park can look like an enchanted area just because of the snow and ice (and beautiful Christmas lights too!). Of course, you can choose any location you’d like for your photo ops, but it’s much easier with the enchantment of winter. Plus, winter days have the perfect lighting for your pictures. You’d think that a beautiful sunny day in the summer turns out the best pictures, but that’s false. According to our photographers, slightly cloudy days with less sunlight are the perfect setting for gorgeous pictures. The white light brings out the gorgeous colours in your bouquet, eyes, makeup, etc. Plus, the light bouncing off the snow can give off some great visual effects your photographer can work with!

Montreal Windsor Ballrooms with lit up winter decor
Windsor Ballrooms in the winter

There’s one other thing to consider when it comes to décor. During winter months, venues typically have more enchanting décor in the halls and lobby. Not only is that perfect for yourself and your guests, but also ideal for your bridal shower. Typically, bridal showers are planned about a month before your wedding, so you’ll even have great décor for that special day as well!

Wedding Season Fatigue Won’t Be a Thing

Ever hear of wedding season fatigue during the winter? Of course not! Warmer months are when most brides want to get married, meaning that guests have to attend many weddings in the same season and might RSVP ‘no’ to yours. With a winter wedding, you’re sure to avoid this seasonal fatigue! More people are likely to respond ‘Yes’ to your wedding invite given only one they’ll be attending all season. No fatigue means they’ll be ready to party with you on your special day!

view of a wedding party from a venue mezzanine

Literally No Sweat

Winter weddings completely avoid the sweltering heat of mid-summer weddings. Planning a wedding mid-July can have its perks of a beautiful, sunny day. However, that bright sun can hit hard and it can be quite hot that day. A wedding in Montreal mid-July has high chances of 30 degree weather. With your gorgeous gown on, you’ll definitely sweat – unless you’re a rare bride that doesn’t sweat at all. Your bridal party is sure to be dying of heat as well. Taking pictures outside? The bridesmaids and groomsmen will find the day incredibly long.

bridesmaid and bride in winter photoshoot

With a winter wedding, you can get that long sleeve gown you always wanted without having to worry about melting away. Plus, you’ll be comfy if you take pictures outdoors. The men can also wear velvet suits, and the bridesmaid can accessories with gorgeous shawls.

Why Not Go For a Winter Wedding?

Planning for a winter wedding is sure to keep you away from being a hot mess. Your stress levels are lowered on many fronts. No need to rent out extra equipment for an outdoor wedding in case of weather conditions, a lot of décor will already be taken care of by mother nature and venues, you won’t have to compete with other brides for the perfect vendor or venue, all the attention will be on you and your wedding party will surely enjoy their day.

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