16 Friends GIFs That Perfectly Describe Your Mood When Your Best Friend Is About To Get Married


our closest friend is finally getting hitched! There’s so much to help out with and be a part of, you’re sure to experience just as many emotions as her – especially as the special day approaches. The moods you’ll go through will be quite interesting.

Excited and Happy for Her

You’re just so happy for your girlfriend, you can’t possibly contain your excitement! She’s even more ecstatic and ready to share her excitement with the world and celebrate. Be there for her and enjoy every minute with her and her loved ones.

Jealousy Can Take Over

Ok, let’s be real. You might even be a little jealous of her. That’s fine too! Be sure to express these emotions with others and not around her. You don’t want to bum out your ecstatic bride-to-be.

The Single Friend: Self-Doubt Will Kick In

How can your friend be getting married? Are you still single? Not getting married yet? If so, you might go through some sort of life crisis for a moment and doubt whether you’ll ever be good enough for anyone. (Don’t worry, you’re not alone)

Season 4 Friends GIF

Married Friend: You’ll Proudly Show Her the Way

You’ve been through this entire process. You know exactly what she needs to do and what she should avoid. The bride-to-be is probably looking at you for some answers now. You’ll be more than happy to help and share your wisdom.

Part of the Wedding Party? Cockiness Awaits

Now comes the time to finally find out who she chose as maid of honor and bridesmaids. And, guess what? Your 20-year-long friendship likely means it’s your time to shine! She wants you there by her side on her special day. You’re beyond happy to be there for her, but also kind of cocky about the fact that you beat her cousins and maybe even her sister. You feel so loved and proud.

The One In Massapequa GIF by Friends

Planning Mode Mood: Going with the Flow

It’s time to start planning! Some girls have been planning their weddings since a really young age. Nowadays, they’ll likely have a whole Pinterest board for their wedding, but you never know what level of Monica they truly are until they get engaged! Just go with the flow, be by her side.

If you’re a bit caught off-guard by how Monica-like your friend is about her wedding, well you might end up looking at her in disbelief.

Wedding Shopping Moods

It’s time to finally start shopping for all that is wedding with your friend. Given your implication in her wedding, you’ll be there for many wedding-related events and wedding dress shopping is certainly one of them!

Bridezilla Confusion

After checking out a few wedding dress shops, you’ll notice that some shops are a little more popular than others for the city’s brides-to-be and, at times, draining and confusing emotions might prevail. You’ll want to take a break and maybe even escape the slew of bridezillas – even if for just one second!

Resorting to Bargaining

Once you get over the confusion that comes with wedding shopping (and planning too!), you’ll begin to realize that weddings can easily cost a pretty penny. So, what do you do? Take out the bargaining chips. You’ll do what you can to help your friend save a little and still have the best wedding day she could ever imagine.

Fighting Might be in the Plans

But, sometimes, bargaining won’t be the way to go. You’ll need to beat the other brides and maybe even fight them to give your friend what she wants. We believe in you! Take out those guns and do what you need to do to get your friend what she wants!*

Fatigue Will Undoubtedly Take Over

And, after long, hard days out on the town, you’re going to need a real break. Decision fatigue is an actual mood. It’s all fun and games until you realize you truly need a break. Take it. It’s well deserved. Others around you might won’t believe how exhausting it can truly be to go wedding shopping, but do you anyway. Take that bath.

Bachelorette Fun: Amused and Scandalized

It’s FINALLY time to really celebrate your friends last few weeks or days of being a single-gal!

Will you be hiring a stripper to celebrate these last single-girl moments? That can be pretty fun and exciting!

But if you’re not into that stuff, and the bride-to-be is, you might be a little shy

Or maybe even scandalized…

Like it or not, being there for your best friend that’s getting married is sure to put you through so many emotions and in so many moods. Just go with it. Be there for her throughout it all and enjoy!

Before you know it, your friend and her groom will be welcoming you in their new home as husband and wife.

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*Note: Venue Genie does not encourage literal physical fighting when wedding dress shopping

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