14 Apps and Tools to Help You Plan Your Next Event


ou've been chosen to host your company’s upcoming conference or, maybe you’re about to get married within the next few months. Congratulations! But as quickly as you said ‘YES!’, the daunting realization of the huge task ahead washes over you in the form of a cold sweat.

Planning an event may sound exciting and fun, but in reality, event planning is a combination of blood, sweat, and tears. Sometimes quite literally. Whether you are a professional event planner or looking to host a one-off event, it doesn’t always get easier. It requires a lot of hard work, time and energy.

Thankfully, technology has got your back.

There are many online resources out there that you can download and use to pull off the perfect event. We have listed 14 of our favorite event planning apps and tools that have proven themselves to be worthy when it comes to saving time, money and effort:


Setting the date

1. Doodle

If you’re scheduling a small event and need some input from guests to help choose a time and date, Doodle makes scheduling simpler by asking your guests to vote or comment on multiple dates and times that suit them. The date or time that gets chosen the most, wins! It’s that simple. This small app will save you loads of time.

Choosing a venue

2. Venue Genie

Now that you’ve determined your date, the next step is to decide on a venue. That’s where we come in! We’ve done the hard work for you and have compiled a database full of wonderful venues to suit different budgets, sizes, and tastes. From fine dining restaurants to unique wedding venues, & more. You’re sure to find a venue to suit even the wildest of desires.

Sending out invitations

3. Zkipster

Zkipster is a guest list management application. This app allows you to design online event invitations and check guests into your event. The app is free to use with some paid options.

Marketing & Promotion

4. Eventbrite

From personal experience, we absolutely love Eventbrite. It’s super simple to sell tickets (and get paid) or promote your event with its built-in Facebook integration. Eventbrite is free to use with a small service fee for each ticket sold. The other great feature is that Eventbrite organically promotes your event within its network which can really help to boost presence for your next local gathering.

5. Evvnt

Evvnt is another platform you can use to give your event the exposure it needs to succeed. It’s like the Hootsuite of online event listing spaces: post your event to the site and it will be broadcasted to a network of 50+ participating web platforms. Unfortunately, the site is not free and requires a paid subscription to use. If you host numerous events, it’s fairly reasonably priced at $30 a month, which is a small price to pay for an online network that can reach over 40 million visitors a month.

6. Brown Paper Tickets

This free platform plays hosts to some of the most exciting events in the world. Get your event listed on this platform to attract guests looking for something different and unique.



7. Decibel Ultra

Decibel Ultra is a cool free Apple app that measures the volume of music or sound and compares it to a benchmark. This is super useful if you’re hosting an event at a venue with noise restrictions and need to keep the volume on the low.

8. AudioTools

AudioTools is a suite for the aspiring music DJs out there. It has professional-grade audio and acoustic analysis tools, includes an SPL, RTA, FFT, Speaker Polarity Test, Generator, Audio Scope, CLF Viewer, and Recorder. If you’re a professional, this tool is so worth it and only costs $19.99 to download and use.

9. Spotify

We’re all familiar with Spotify and rightly so. This leading music streaming app allows you to make playlists and listen for free. A fun way to promote the event could be to have your guests add songs to the playlist or even share the playlist the next day so your guests can keep on rockin’. However, the free version does have pesky ads. Upgrade to premium for $9.99 to get rid of them.

Guest registration/check-in

10. Certain Arrive

Formerly known as Check-In Easy, this free app gives you a simple and fast method for guest registration, check-in, and management.

Business Cards

11. CamCard

If your event is a networking or work-related event, this free app will be super handy for scanning multiple business cards. The app automatically saves the info to your phone contacts and you can also save your own business information digitally.


12. CrowdCompass

If your event requires guests to navigate their way around, this free, must-have event planning app helps attendees easily navigate your conference, convention or trade show. Your guests can quickly find what interests them, plan their experience, and connect with other attendees.

Team Communication

13. HeyTell

If you’ve ever wished your phone worked like a walkie-talkie, your dreams have just come true. Tell your team to download this free app on their phones for instant communication, even in a crowded event venue.


14. Square Register

If you plan on accepting credit card payments at your event, this mobile app makes it easy. It’s free to use and they take a small percentage for every transaction.

If you’re looking for the perfect venue in Montreal for your next event, check out the top venues we have already pre-vetted for you!

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