11 Creative Catering Ideas Your Guests Will Rave About


lanning an event? There’s so much to consider. From whether there will be a live band or DJ, who will be MC-ing, to what kind of food you’ll be serving your guests. Traditional sit-down meals are typically only used for certain types of events (e.g. weddings), but are slowly becoming a thing of the past if you truly want to impress your guests. Also, depending on the time of day of your event, you’ll need to consider different options. We’ve put together 11 creative catering ideas to wow your guests.

Smoothie Bar

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Having a morning or daytime event? Smoothie bars are all the rave. You can even get some cold pressed juices served up too. Plus, there are so many ways your smoothie bar can be presented. Will each smoothie already be done and served in cute milk bottles with a paper straw or will it be a smoothie making station with a caterer behind the counter to put together your smoothie? How many flavours will you be serving? There’s a lot to consider and it’s quite easy to make get creative with a smoothie bar or station at your event. Morning event goers will love the light and healthy aspect of it, and day-time event goers might have one as a healthy dessert!

Mini Pancake or Waffle Bar


We can’t possibly be the only ones that think a mini pancake or mini waffle bar is exciting! Will you have the pancakes and/or waffles already made and people get to choose what toppings they’d like to add? Or, will you have staff behind the table freshly cooking up a batch of waffles or pancakes throughout the event? You can even have pre-made mixes and matches and your guests just pick up a plate of the one they think looks the yummiest. The best part of this catering station? It can be used for any kind of event. Morning event? Great for breakfast! Daytime event? Fun desert station! Evening event? Will be all the rave on your sweet table.

Coffee Bar

Café Pista

Okay. Who doesn’t love a coffee bar? In Montreal – and really any city – you can easily find an artisan coffee shop to provide your event with great coffee. Baristello, Café Olimpico, Café Pista, Les Petits Enfants de Felice, are only a few of the dozens you can find in the city! You can even hire mobile coffee shops that literally specialize in catering coffee for events. Depending on the type of event you have going on, you might not necessarily want your guests to spend too much time waiting for a coffee. So, you can even limit the types of coffees offered. Coffee bar’s aren’t exactly the newest and most creative catering concept, but they’re great for any kind of event – day or night!

Food Trucks


Food trucks are all the rave right now. How can a physical restaurant also be at your outdoor event on a golf course? Well, food trucks are usually the way to go! Plus, you get to choose what kind of food you want to have offered to guests. Is it more street-style food or something a little fancier? Do you want the food trucks to be specifically for later in the evening during midnight table hours or do you want them to be around the entire duration of your event? Food trucks typically work best for daytime and evening events, but nothing’s stopping you from getting one for your morning event too! There are so many Montreal food trucks to choose from.

Popcorn Station

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Popcorn stations are slowly growing in popularity. The once ‘movie-only’ snack is now becoming a snack everyone loves for any occasion. You don’t need to have a circus or fair themed event to have popcorn around. What’s great about having a popcorn station is that it’s easily personalized to your taste. There can be a caterer by the popcorn machine that provides you with any kind of topping you want. Want to stick to simple powdered flavours like cheddar, ketchup, etc., that’s easily done. Or, do you want something a little fancier with different sauces so people can have caramel flavoured popcorn or any other flavour really? The possibilities are endless. Whether you want staff with the machine or have it as a self-serve, that’s also an option! Sizzle Popcorn is slowly making a name for itself in both Montreal and Toronto, so why not hit them if popcorn is what you’re looking for!

Donut or Pretzel Wall

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Donuts or Pretzels are a great way to add some fun and creative snacks to your event. For donuts, you can even have them only certain flavours and colours to get them to create a concept on the wall. Both work great to also add a different (i.e. edible) kind of décor to your event! They’re most popular during daytime events like bridal showers, engagements, but can also be a fantastic addition to your midnight table for evening events. It’ll just depend on whether you want a sweet or salty snack!



For the fancier bunch, tapas are a great way to go. They allow your guests to have the exquisitely, ‘high-end’ food they’ll love, but on the go. No need to sit down to savour every bite. It’s like a mini explosion of flavours on the move! You can even have it themed? Traditional, Spanish tapas can be a thing, but you can also get some great bouchées of different kinds of foods! Maybe, you can even get different tapas stations with food from different ethnicities! The possibilities are pretty endless when it comes to Tapas. Think of them as more elaborate and fancy hors d’oeuvres your guests will love. They’re perfect for daytime and evening events.

CBD-Infused Food

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Lucky for us, there are laws that permit us to do this. Of course, you’ll need to be sure the caterer you hire has the capabilities of properly dosing the goods, whether it be food or beverages with the right amount of CBD. And no, your guests won’t get high because you have CBD-infused goods. Only CBD with THC will affect your guests – so make sure that isn’t in the plans. Getting CBD-oil infused into the food and drinks you serve your guests will only allow them to reap the benefits of this oil, all while being as cool as Kim Kardashian’s guests at her baby shower, or make them feel as sophisticated as Martha Stewart. CBD-infused foods are great for daytime and evening events!

Craft Beer Station

This one’s a little more unique. It’ll really depend on what kind of event you’ve got going on. Ideally, a craft beer station would be used in both daytime and evening events. You can get a local brewer to set up shop at your event and have different types of beers your guests could choose from. Guests that are also home brewers will love this concept! Some event have more funky and unique flavours. These beers can be sweet or bitter. You can ask your brewer to bring a variety of flavours to cater to everyone’s taste.

Mini Burger Bar


Mini burgers are so much fun! Not only do you feel like a giant eating them (which can be pretty cool), but you also get to have that yummy burger taste without getting full. Your guests can then enjoy much more than just burgers.

For your burger bar, though, will you have mini burgers already set up like bouchées your guests can pick up and leave with, or will you have them build their own burgers. Both concepts work incredibly well. It all depends on what you want to do. Topping options are practically endless, so have some fun with it! Mini Burger bars are great for day and night!

Taco Station

Taco stations can work similar to the same way your mini burger bar is set up. However, given how particular so many people are with what they put in their tacos, it can be so much fun to have a ‘build-your-own-taco’ station! Do they want an all veggie taco or a beef taco? You can provide a slew of fillings for them. Not only different meats, but also different topping vegetables and even sauces. You can even have a cute display of hot sauces from not-so-spicy to spiciest set up!

There are so many different catering options out there. We’ve only presented you with a few options that exist, but you can now see how creative you can get with food at an event. Just be sure to pick foods that make sense with the time of day so that your guests aren’t caught off guard. You want them to rave about the great meals they’ve tasted at your event – day or night!

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