10 Buzz-Worthy Holiday Venues in Montreal


ontreal is home to thousands of restaurants – making picking the right one for your holiday party or dinner overwhelming. After taking the time to check out some great venues, we’ve put together the most buzz-worthy Montreal venues for hosting holiday events.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a cool place for dinner with friends, or some fine dining with corporate clients or colleagues, here are the venues we believe you should take note of!


Just outside Montreal, in Laval, Miss Wong will teleport you into a 70’s Chinese-American inspired decor for an evening of good food, great music and amazing cocktails. The venue is large enough to accommodate upwards of 400 people, all while keeping parties intimate. The restaurant’s layout has various areas sectioned off and decorated differently – making it a great venue for a corporate event! The best part? They’re open until the wee hours of the night, so party goers can take full advantage and enjoy themselves! Miss Wong has all the elements needed for a buzz-worthy holiday venue!

Miss Wong Laval Bar
Source: Miss Wong


Signorvino Montreal is ideally located in the heart of Montreal’s Little Italy! Its decor is inspired by modern roman enotecas – with is marble and light wood tables, and sage green banquettes.

The food is authentic Italian and to die for! What we love most about Signorvino MTL: it’s wine selection! They plan on having over 200 imported Italian wines you can choose from.

The restaurant seats about 50 people, making it great for more intimate dinner parties. Featuring Italian authenticity, Signorvino MTL can also guide you and prepare any dish specifically tailored to you and your guests. As they say in Italian, buon appetito !

Source: Signorvino MTL



Whether for cocktails, or for a private event, Maggie Oakes is the perfect venue for you. They have two private rooms that can seat 50 people, a bar area allowing to seat about 70 people, and a semi-private room that can be turned into a fully private venue if you’re a party of 200 or more! It’s wonderfully located at the heart of Place Jacques Cartier in the Old Port of Montreal. As for its decor, some might say it’s more masculine with its earthy toned steakhouse vibe. However, they pride themselves in being a brasserie & steakhouse with a “vegetable forward market grill”. This incredibly modern & luxurious venue is perfect for all tastes. Plus, it’s adjacent to the William Gray hotel if ever your party goers get a little too carried away.  

Maggie Oakes Montreal marble bar with golden stools
Source: Maggie Oakes


Damas is one of our favorite Syrian restaurants hands down. Located in Outremont,  Damas curates amazing colorful dishes. The decor isn’t too shabby either – with its Middle-Eastern inspired rich fabrics, tiled walls and wonderfully ornamental hanging light fixtures. The space can host up to 100 guests. So, if you have an event coming up, Damas would be a great place to host patrons! Why not enjoy great music and mouth savouring dishes with your entourage?

Damas Restaurant Montreal dining room
Source: Damas Restaurant



Oh, we love Bar George! Located in a historic building, its aesthetics are grandiose.With its elaborate facade and interior, the restaurant has a U.K. feel with a Quebecois touch. Located inside the Hotel Mount Stephen, the Bar is perfect for a cocktail event. It’s also quite intimate, allowing you to host any celebration. Bar George is surely one of the most unique restaurants in Montreal – from its decor and ambiance, to its U.K. inspired food.

Bar George Montreal dining room
Source: Bar George


This Japanese-styled restaurant is located in Phillips Square, Montreal. Being surrounded by the bustling world of Montreal’s business district, the owners wanted to ensure the ambiance of the place was relaxed. With the interior brick walls, hanging lanterns, and hanging plants, the restaurant’s design allows everyone to enjoy a more chilled-out environment. It’s ideal for a corporate dinner or a night out with friends. The great part of Jatoba’s menu is meals are easily shared – allowing your guests to taste a variety of dishes while enjoying the ambiance of detailed decor.

Jatoba Montreal restaurant with table by the window
Source: Jatoba



Refined and innovative, Tapeo offers an authentic Spanish tapas experience. With it’s warm atmosphere, the Villeray venue can accommodate roughly 80 people and is perfect for an evening of enhanced culinary experience. The restaurant has a fairly fast-paced beat – making it truly feel like an authentic tapas restaurant. Even the bar is always full with diners coming in and out. However, if you’re looking to enjoy exquisite Spanish food with family, or for a corporate dinner, Tapeo will gladly convert their dining room into a more intimate setting – definitely making it a buzz-worthy holiday venue!

Source: Tapeo


One of the most successful high-end restaurants in Montreal, Milos is known for its superb Mediterranean food. And, what’s better than that? They have private rooms where you and your loved-ones – or colleagues – can enjoy an intimate dinner. The rooms can seat between 30 and 70 people. So, no matter the size of your get together – big or small – Milos can enhance the personalized experience and compliment it with great food and wine!

dining space by cellar in Milos Restaurant Montreal
Source: Milos


With a fantastic Italian-style menu Beatrice has amazing decor to really set the mood for a night of fun, flirty romance. With wood accents, greenery and large windows, the space is jaw-dropping. It’s open dining room is fantastic for large groups. Whether it is corporate event or even a wedding this buzz-worthy venue is event worthy as well!

Ristorante Beatrice holiday dining room
Source: Ristorante Beatrice



An international powerhouse, Maison Boulud is a high-end luxurious restaurant adjacent to the Ritz Carlton. With Executive Chef Riccardo Bertolino, the food is always seasonal and fresh. This Renaissance inspired venue space can accommodate you for an evening of fine dining or an amazing Sunday brunch. It also has two private rooms if you wish for a more intimate setting. With a long list of wines and exceptionally delicious, Maison Boulud is surely a an event hosting must!

Maison Boulud in Ritz Carlton Montreal dining room
Source: Maison Boulud

Looking for more buzz-worthy holiday venues in Montreal? Get in touch and we’ll find the right venue for your holiday party! With the holidays around the corner, it’s time to act now!


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